Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ngilgi Cave and Margerat River - Perth Tour

My tour today was south to Margaret River and the tour started at 7.30am just like yesterday. So we make our early morning trip by bus to the city. Today, the group was even smaller, just the 6 of us including the driver, Ron. The first stop was at the coastal town of Mandurah where the rich park their yachts at the back of the houses in the many canals built in the area.

We made another stop at the Old Cheese Factory before the town of Busselton. Here we were able to sample many varieties of cheese with different flavour and all of them were delicious in different ways. From here we made our way to Busselton and had a view of the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere.

The next stop was at the underground Ngilgi Cave at Yallingup which is said to be millions of year old. Inside the cave we had a magnificent view of the stalactites and stalagmites that were glowing in the artificial lighting. There were also rock formation that look exactly like a piece of shawl. I was sweating inside the cave since it was very humid and there was no circulation of air. The cave was in total darkness when the guide switched of the lighting for dramatic effect.

Lunch was at the picnic ground outside the cave and we had the usual cold cuts make-your-own sandwich from the ingredients that were provided by the driver. After lunch, we proceeded to Margaret River. The area is famous for its many wineries and we tasted some wines at Sandalford Wines before the town of Margaret River. After the wine tasting we did some chocolate tasting at the famous Margaret River Chocolate Company.

We were dropped off at the town of Margaret River to do our own walk around and shopping. At the town we had some more free tasting, this time it was for fudge at the Margaret River Fudge Factory. There was a good wine showroom at the visitor centre in the town.

After the visit to the town we took the long journey back to Perth. This is a distance of almost 300km and it took about 3 hours and a half before we reached the city, arriving at 7.00pm.

Ronald Kwok

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  1. wonder how to book the tour from here. Going in Decmeber. Or just do nothing and go there to join the local tours.