Sunday, September 14, 2008

Caversham Park, Pinnacles, Lancelin - Perth Tour

Today is my last outing from Perth using the local tour company. This is also a full day tour leaving at 8.00am and the first stop is the Caversham Wildlife Park where you can get close to koalas, kangaroos and wombat after passing historical Guildford and the Swan Valley. There are much more to see other than the animals mentioned above but that were what we got to see during our short guided visit there.

From here, it was a long drive to the fishing town of Cervantes where there is a beautiful white sandy beach. On our way there we pass through vast farmlands and also large area of wild flowers that were starting to bloom. We also went through what is supposed to be one of the largest wind farm in Western Australia where energy is harnessed from wind power.

For lunch, we had the normal make-your-own buffet sandwich from ingredients provided by the coach driver himself. So looks like this is a standard feature of the tour companies here. This time it was not in an outdoor picnic area but inside a wild flower shop. After our lunch, we drove into Nambung National Park where the amazing Pinnacles Dessert is located. There are fascinating pinnacles in the dessert and one can get lost if one wanders too far out of the tracks.

Next stop was at Lancelin where there are massive white sand dunes. The 4WD took us up and down some of the sand dunes for an exciting ride. The more adventurous tried their hands at sand boarding and all seems to enjoyed it even though some tumbled over and had sand all over themselves.

Since the return trip covered almost 700km, we were back in Perth only at about 8.30pm. By the time we got home, it was almost 10pm and it was the latest time that we were back.

Ronald Kwok


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