Friday, September 12, 2008

King's Park, Point Walter in Perth

Today my god son is doing his altar boy duties in Church so we need to get to church by 7.30 in the morning. After church, we joined my god sister and some of her friends to have breakfast in Northbridge. So it is dim sum in one of the many Chinese restaurants. We just ate a bit since we had a lunch appointment with my wife's friend, Angeline, who has also migrated to Perth from Melaka.

We met up with Angeline and guess what, we had dim sum for lunch as well! So you can tell that dim sum is a favourite choice not only for Asians here in Perth but also for the Australians as well. They even bring their own wine to eat dim sum. It is quite common to bring your own wine to dine and it is known here as BYO or "bring your own".

After lunch, Angeline took us for shopping at Harbour Town, which is their factory outlet so prices are generally cheaper that the normal shops in the city. From here we went to King's Park, one of the must see in Perth. You do get a good view of the city and the Swan River from atop the hill in King's Park.

What is more interesting is the garden where you can see a variety of flowers, many of which are unique to Western Australia. See if you can name the flowers in the photos below.

The Park is so big that we nearly could not locate her car. She then took us to Point Walter, another point to have a scenic view of the Swan River and the city.After enjoying the view and each other's company, she dropped us at the city and we took a bus home.

Ronald Kwok

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