Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Flight to Perth

Hi folks, I'm back from my 2 week trip to Perth and here's my tale.
My trip to Perth started with my taxi ride to the LCCT with my wife for the AirAsia flight to Singapore. Since this is my first flight from the LCCT (Low Cost Terminal for budget flight), I was surprised by how small and crowded it was when compared to the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). Instead of boarding the plane via the normal bridge link from the departure gate, we had to walk about 500m to the airplane. The flight took just an hour and we had to prepared for landing just after we had warmed our seats. We landed at 11am at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal One and since we had several hours before our flight by Qantas to Perth, we planned to go into the city for some window shopping.
After we had deposited our baggage at the left luggage and got a tourist map of Singapore, my wife told me a very unsettling news; she just discovered she had blood in her urine. Our heart sank and since we did not know if it was serious or otherwise, we were not sure to continue our trip or abandon it. Why should it happen at this moment and not a day earlier or after our trip? So my wife decided to see a doctor in the city. I checked the tourist map to see if there were any clinic shown and like a providence from above, right at the back of the map was an ad for the Raffles Medical Group clinics at the Changi airport itself. We did not have to go to town and we located the clinic at the terminal and my wife visited the doctor. The doctor diagnosed that it was a urinary tract infection and prescribed some medicine and said it should clear up the next day.
With our spirits low, we decided not to go to town to conserve our energy and just hang around at the airport until our flight to Perth in the evening. It wasn't too difficult to pass the time since there were 3 separate terminals at Changi and they were all linked by free skytrain. We thus spent our time touring one terminal after another and visited all the shops. Soon we were aboard the Qantas plane and prayed that all will be well in Perth after all the recent scares with Qantas flights.

Ronald Kwok

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