Thursday, September 11, 2008

Confirmation and Subiaco in Perth

Today, 22 August is my day 7 in Perth and today is the climax of my stay in Perth. This is the day of Confirmation for my godson and is the main reason why I am in Perth. So there is no tour today and we just went to Centro Galleria for a little window shopping followed by lunch.

As god parents, my wife and I had to be in the Church a bit earlier for the instructions of what to do during the confirmation. There were official photography sessions for all the confirmants with their sponsors or god parents. There were 30 children to be confirmed today so the parish was a hive of activities. (There would be another 60 tomorrow evening.) At 6.30pm the Mass promptly started with the Archbishop presiding. We made our entrance and sat at our appointed places. Thankfully, when our turn came we did not put a foot (or hand, actually) wrong and the whole thing was over without incidents.

To celebrate the occasion, we went to Sizzler for dinner. There was already a long queue when we arrived, maybe because it was a Friday. After what seemed to be a very long time, as we were hungry, we were able to place our orders. My god sister had planned earlier to visit King's Park after dinner but since it was rather late and getting very chilly, the trip was cancelled and we went home after a very satisfying dinner.

Day 8
Today my god parents came in the morning and took us out for lunch. We went to Northbridge where the Chinatown of Perth is located. We had beef noodle at one of the many Vietnamese restaurants there. As usual, the portion is big (for me at least) and we chatted and caught up with past time. Then it was time to part ways again and we walked to town to spend our afternoon there.

We passed the cultural part of Perth where the Art Gallery and Museum were located. There was a small flea market near the Art Gallery where my wife did some browsing and purchase.

From the city centre, we made our way to the suburb of Subiaco which is supposed to be a trendy part of Perth. It was a bit like our Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur. The markets was a disappointment, maybe we did not go at the right time. As we were too tired (lazy?) to walk, we took the train back to the city centre and this was my first experience of the Perth train. There was an interesting art work by some children at Forrest Place.

I visited all the bookshops in the city centre (the biggest and with the best selection is Borders) while my wife did her normal window shopping in the many shops at the malls until it was time to take the bus home for dinner.

Ronald Kwok

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